A group image from the second Aniridia Europe's conference in Venice in 2014

Aniridia Europe gathers people all over the continent


We want to support people with aniridia in all countries and help them to share information and build useful networks in their own countries and abroad.


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What is Aniridia?

Aniridia is a very rare disease and every family affected is often alone to face the diagnosis. Even nationally, there’s often only a small group of individuals. Get to know aniridia.

Aniridia Europe, the federation of European aniridia associations and representatives, has been founded to change this situation. Read our mission objectives.

As of September 2021, the federation includes 13 national associations, as well as support groups and contact persons in 20 other European countries.
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An image of two girls with aniridia smiling on Summer Camp
A image of a group of young people with aniridia from Summer Camp in 2015
A portrait image of a girl with aniridia
An image of a young girl with aniridia who smiling in front of the camera

News & Events

News from Bulgaria

The Bulgarian aniridia association was founded ten years ago. During the Aniridia Europe Community Meeting in Alicante, on 3rd of June 2022, its President, Elena Tsoneva, described its activities, plans for future and challenges, that you can read here.

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A new aniridia association founded in Romania

During the Aniridia Europe Community Meeting in Alicante, on 3rd of June 2022, the representative Oana Simerea introduced the recently founded Romanian aniridia association. You can find her presentation here.

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