Tools for school

Materials for school integration of children with aniridia were first developed by the Norwegian Aniridia association in 2010 in the handbook Om å leve med aniridi [Living with aniridia].

In 2015 the Italian Aniridia association developed a brochure to be used in schools in order to facilitate the integration of children affected by aniridia. It has been translated and adapted in many languages, and you can download them here below:

ANUK (Aniridia Network United Kingdom) has developed pupil passports as a “simple and practical guide to help people understand the needs of a child with special needs”. To know more consult pupil-passport page at ANUK and contact their Education Adviser.

The Spanish Aniridia association has also developed a handbook called El libro blanco de la baja visión en la educación [The white book of low vision in education], in Spanish language; if you are interested please contact

Useful information in English about school and education can also be found on the website of the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

More information in Norwegian on the website of the Norges Blindeforbund, as for example the brochure En skole for alle [A school for all].