Topic: National activities

In this section, we offer the member associations to publish news, invitations and reports from their country.

In the frame of the signed agreement between the Spanish Association of Aniridia and Oftared, an innovative proposal was launched: those students of Nursing, Optics and Medicine Schools in Valladolid University (Spain) may apply for an annual University cooperation, according to which, they can get 3 credits of free choice in their University Curriculum.

A prospective, multicenter clinical trial designed to evaluate the safety and probable benefit of the keraklear non-penetrating keratoprosthesis in subjects with corneal opacity due to severe limbal stem cell deficiency associated with aniridia Summary: Sponsor and address KeraMed, Inc. 4122 East Chapman Avenue 2nd Floor, Suite 26 Orange, CA 92869Tel: 973-276-1414 Fax: 973-276-1882   Study