image containing the title of the Seeing the invisibile project and the participants' logos

The Italian presentation of the Erasmus+ project “Seeing the invisible” took place on 25th October 2023 at the University of Padua, in the framework of the Master Degrees in Sociology and Sciences of Primary Education, in front of more than one hundred students. Aniridia Italiana was the guest of Professor Lea Ferrari during her two-hour class in the courses of Managing Diversity in Working Contexts (10:30 – 12:30) and Psychology of Disability (12:30 – 14:00). During the meeting Aniridia Italiana’s representatives introduced the theme of visual impairment, a condition that is unfamiliar to many students, and the importance of inclusion in schools and workplaces.

Then the document created by Red Tree was presented and commented to promote the project’s objectives and results. The students said that the topic was interesting and expressed appreciation for the materials created through the project, especially regarding the online resources for teachers.

The students were given all the information to access the website and download the app.

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