Basics in Aniridia

Aniridia Europe is pleased to present Congenital Aniridia: a brochure about the rare eye condition Aniridia.

This document provides a general overview of the disease and is directed to a wide range of stake holders, from parents to affected persons, from general practitioners and pediatricians to school teachers, educational assistants and social workers.
The aim is to promote an early visual intervention on newborn children in order to avoid or limit the risk for developmental delays due to severe visual impairment, as well as to promote a correct approach on treatment and care for patients of all ages, providing the fundamental indications on diagnosis, routine check-ups and prevention.

Download: Aniridia brochure (PDF, 22MB)

The brochure is also available in printed form, please contact us for more information.

The brochure was developed by Ivana Kildsgaard, President of Aniridia Sweden.
Aniridia Europe is grateful to everybody who contributed to the development of this brochure by sharing pictures and medical information. Dr. Tor Paaske Utheim from Oslo University Hospital, Norway, provided professional help by reviewing the document.
Aniridia Europe is especially grateful to Dr. Barbara Käsmann-Kellner from University of Saarland, Germany, for her valuable professional and scientific contributions.

Useful information is also provided by the Gene Vision network. Consult Aniridia for patients.