Support us

We believe that collaboration between organizations of patients and medical doctors, healthcare institutions, research centres, the corporate sector and relevant stakeholders is beneficial for all parties and necessary for development within the domain of rare diseases, where resources are limited.

As NGO (Non-Profit Organisation) we have a subsidiary role in society, but we need funds to carry out our activities as we do not receive government funding.

Our visual acuity and our children’s quality of life is at stake. We cannot do it without your support.

These are some examples of how you can contribute, if you wish.

Make a donation

By making a donation, you will empower us to advocate for aniridia patients and to foster research and knowledge on the disease. Please note that in many European countries donations are tax deductible for individuals and private companies.

Donate, sporadically or periodically, the amount of your own choice on the bank account:

Bank: DNB Bank ASA
Account Owner: Aniridia Europe
Account number: 15032958181
IBAN: NO4915032958181
Insert in the cause field: Donation to Aniridia Europe

Donate, sporadically or periodically, the amount of your own choice through Paypal:

Get involved

You can also collaborate with us as a volunteer, supporting us in spreading our message, in carrying out our activities or by starting a fundraising initiative in your personal networks.

Please contact us for ideas and suggestions.

Cooperate in a project

If you represent or work in a healthcare institution, a research centre or a medical centre you can cooperate with us in preparing projects to apply for funds at local, national and European level. Fostering knowledge and research on aniridia will eventually result in helping people to get proper treatment and greatly improve their quality of life.

Please contact us for further information.

Become a corporate sponsor

If you are a commercial company and wish to support Aniridia Europe as well as research on aniridia, we have got many ideas of ways to cooperate. This could be an important part of your company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work.

Please contact us for discussions on different possibilities.

Include us in your will

It can be difficult to talk about writing your last will and testament, perhaps because it is an indirect reminder of the fact that we will all leave this life. To receive support through a will can mean a lot for the work and research on aniridia, and by making a donation to Anirida Europe you are guaranteed that your money will be used only in the best interest of people who live with aniridia. It is easy to write a will and you can change your mind at any moment.

If you need advice or support you are welcome to contact us or a lawyer in your own area.