Clinical guidelines

Guidelines permit the translation into clinical practice of knowledge from biomedical and sociomedical research. They represent the synthesis of systematic review of the scientific literature and expert opinion on the subject. As such, they provide a useful tool for physicians, researchers in clinical and basic science, professionals working in public health and social care, patients and their families, with a view to update knowledge, improve the quality of care, the coordination of actions and related policies and planning.
(From the “Note to readers” in the Italian guidelines)

In recent years, clinical guidelines on aniridia have been developed according
to the international scientific methodology. We offer here the English
translation of the Italian guidelines and the Spanish protocol, together with
the original Spanish text of a clinical guideline for WAGR and Wilms tumor.
Other guidelines are currently being developed in Germany and France, and will
be displayed here when ready.


General practitioners, pediatricians and educational assistants can get a
first overall information on the disease and its implications by consulting the
brochure developed by Aniridia Europe.