Aniridia Europe welcomes the creation of a new association in support of aniridia patients and families in Argentina.

As its president, Raúl Guillot, writes in his letter to Aniridia Europe, this association has been founded to:

  • Establish a meeting area between people interested in Aniridia because they suffer from it or because they are relatives of someone affected
  • Share experiences and concerns related to the diagnosis, treatments and characteristics of the disease
  • Serve as a link between the affected people and between them and the institutions
  • Offer support and information especially to parents of recently diagnosed children
  • Guide those affected as to the available resources
  • Inform and facilitate access to technologies that can help overcome the difficulties of the condition
  • Promote research and specialization in Argentina on issues related to the disease
  • Create a support network for patients, family members and doctors who wish to be informed and give visibility to this rare disease.

These are the same objectives that all the aniridia community shares, and therefore it is very important for all of us that new associations or groups are established worldwide, because together we are stronger. In this way, the advances and achievements of each organisation quickly become a common heritage to be shared among all.

Ad maiora, Aniridia Argentina!