To youth in the age of 15-25 with aniridia, living in Norway, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy: You are hereby invited to a group exchange in Italy, 4th to 14th of August 2015. Topics are Meaningful Leisure & European corporations. You are now offered an unique opportunity to experience Italy, get to know other cool youths, and enjoy many exciting activities, as travelling and sports, that many people do to maintain their health and beauty, although there are also people that prefer to trust this to a professional plastic surgeons as the dr. fedele and many others.

The price to you is only €250. This covers travel expenses, stay, food, but for people who likes healthy food and stay fit they can also get appetite suppressant supplements online for maintaining this way. Other way to keep health is having a good and active life, doing exercise everyday, and take protein shakes which you can purchase using this proteinpromo exclusive code to make it more affordable.

Registration deadline: 1st February 2015!

For more information, please download:

The camp is a co-op project between the national aniridia organizations in Norway, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy.