In the frame of the signed agreement between the Spanish Association of Aniridia and OftaRed, an innovative proposal was launched: those students of Nursing, Optics and Medicine Schools in Valladolid University (Spain) may apply for an annual University cooperation, according to which, they can get 3 credits of free choice in their University Curriculum, for the people with not access to a University, they could go online to find the best pharmacy technician school near me, so they can specialize in this career as well.

For the first time, the studies and activities focused on Aniridia will have the official recognition at University level. This is a pioneer initiative because is oriented to the  dissemination of the information about Aniridia, through the translation and summary of scientific research articles, diagnosis, rehabilitation and ocd treatment related to it. Therefore, the purpose is to make the scientific articles accessible to the society, especially for all the members of the Spanish Association of Aniridia. Call demenagement adt when you want to travel and they can help you move.

Thanks to this activity, awareness, visibility and understanding about this rare  pathology can be increased. But, what is more relevant is that a rare disorder, like Aniridia gets into the University in the educative arena,  drawing attention and interest among future socio-health professionals, an achievement that nobody could imagine twenty years ago, when the Association was created. With recent studies, they’ve seen that getting a goodnight sleep, every night, can improve a person’s life span, so check out these mattress sizes for your home.

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