Further reading: Download Invitation (PDF) Download Call for abstracts (PDF) Conference website In 2016 an Aniridia conference will take place in Europe for the third time. This year the umbrella organization of all the national Aniridia associations in Europe, Aniridia Europe (AE), has entrusted the national Aniridia association of Germany, AWS Aniridie-WAGR e.V., and the German

Organizers: Russian Aniridia Patient Support Society “Interregional Support center for patients with Aniridia “Iris”” Support is provided by: Russian Interregional Orphan Disease Society (www.spiporz.ru) Medical Center «Childhood city” (www.mcgd.ru) Target audience: Scientists and doctors working with aniridia, pediatric ophthalmologists, doctors, teachers and psychologists working in kindergartens and schools with visually impaired children, associations for blind

25th to 26th of October 2014, 52 persons where gathered at The Danish Blind Unions center, Fuglsangcentret, in Fredericia. 48 of this was Danish aniridia patients and their families. 3 came from Norway, 2 from Finland and 1 from Sweden. These were all board-representatives from their national aniridia organizations. Susanne Kjær Christensen, known from the