On June 12th, 2011,a European Aniridia Network meeting was held via Skype.

Participating were delegates from Croatia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom

Constitution of the federation

The delegates adopted the Final Proposition of new Statutes for Aniridia Europe. It was decided that it would be formally adopted at a Constitutional General Assembly called on Sunday, September 25th, 2011, via Skype and would then become the federation’s Statute.
It was decided that the national Boards of existing Aniridia Associations would be called to sign the Constitutional Paper on Establishment of Aniridia Europe no later than September 25th and that these Boards would also have to appoint a Representative and a deputy Representative for the Constitutional General Assembly.

It was recommended that the Constitutional General Assembly elect a Board of Directors of the federation as well as other necessary trustees. The Board of Directors will be responsible for preparing the next steps of the development of the federation. The election of the Scientific committee has been postponed to the next ordinary General Assembly.
Aniridia Norge was appointed as Temporary Nominating Coordinator whose task will be to gather from EAN members the nominations of candidates for the federation and to present them at the Constitutional General Assembly. 

Candidates must have accepted the nomination before being nominated.

It was decided to call for an ordinary General Assembly in Oslo, Norway at the beginning of June 2012.

Web page and logo

Scientific articles and abstracts are ready and will be soon published on the website. Work on translations is ongoing: Croatian and Danish texts are ready for publication and draft versions of Polish and Dutch texts will soon be revised.

There is a proposal for a logo, but more preliminary work is needed.

Last news about Conference in Oslo 2012

The Conference agreed on the estimated schedule and all the speakers agreed to come. The scientific section of the Conference website is almost ready while information for users and patients will take more time.

 Conference in Germany

A conference of the German support group will be held on the18th of June in Michelau, Bavaria. A local scientist will give a lecture on Aniridia.

AE participation in the AFI Aniridia Conference in the USA, July 2011

Asbjørn Akerlie and Neven Milivojevic will attend the AFI Conference in Athens, Georgia, USA. Their participation will help promote the Oslo conference and will also offer the opportunity to create personal bonds and to discuss the possibility of future cooperation between AE and AFI.