Opening of the meeting

The meeting was opened at 20.00 CET by Rosa Sánchez de Vega. She gave a brief background on the development of the European Aniridia network which led to this constituting meeting. Rosa expressed her regret that due to some administrative problems, at the time of the meeting Finland and France could not participate as full members.

Approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved.

Election of the chairperson of the meeting

Rosa Sánchez de Vega was chosen to be chairperson of the meeting.

Election of the secretary of the meeting

Barbara Poli was chosen to be secretary of the meeting.

Election of a person to check the minutes and to serve as teller

Ivana Kildsgaard was chosen to check the minutes and to serve as teller.

Establishment of electoral register

Italy (represented by Barbara Poli), Norway (represented by Asbjørn Akerlie), Spain (represented by Rosa Sánchez de Vega ), Sweden (represented by Ivana Kildsgaard) and United Kingdom (represented by Katie Atkinson ) are verified to be full members. Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Serbia are verified to be affiliated members without the right to vote.

Decision to establish the federation

Participants decided to unanimously establish the federation. 

Decision on the name and location of the federation

It was decided that the federation shall bear the name “Aniridia Europe” and that its seat shall be in Norway. The exact host city has not yet been determined.

Decision to approve and adopt the statutes

It was decided to approve and adopt ”Aniridia Europe statutes” as the statutes of the federation.

Decision on the number of members of the Board of Directors

The decision was reached that the Board of Directors shall be composed of a minimum of 4 (four) members and a maximum of 9 (nine) members. The variable number was decided due the low number of full members of Aniridia Europe federation at the moment and the need to allow for an increase in board members as the number of full members of the federation grows.

Election of the President of the federation

Rosa Sánchez de Vega was elected as the President of the federation.

Election of the Vice-President of the federation

Neven Milivojevic was elected as vice-president of the federation.

Election of the Treasurer of the federation

Sølvi Ørstenvik was elected as the treasurer of the federation.

Election of the Secretary of the federation

Barbara Poli was elected as the secretary of the federation.

Election of possible other members of the Board of Directors

Katie Atkinson was elected as member of the Board of Directors.

Election of a Nominating committee

Hilde Hansen, Ivana Kildsgaard and Corrado Teofili  were elected as a nominating committee, whereof Hilde Hansen was chosen as chair of the nominating committee.

Election of an Auditor

Arvid Meløy was elected as auditor.

Election of possible other trustees

No other trustees were elected.

Decision on membership fees

Participants decided to set the annual membership fee at 30 (thirty) € for full members, 0 (zero) € for affiliated members and 0 (zero) € for honorary members, starting from the year 2012.


No miscellaneous questions were discussed.

Closing of the meeting

Rosa Sánchez de Vega invited all the members of Aniridia Europe to participate at the meeting that will be held in Paris, on 19th and 20th November, 2011.

The meeting was closed at 21.20 CET.