Dear friends, members and partners of Aniridia Europe.

In a few days time we will pass into a new year with new opportunities and, of course, also challenges.
Since its foundation in 2011 Aniridia Europe has in a surprising short time developed into a full-blown organisation. This development, again, is the result of the hard work and enthusiasm that each of you and our funding partners have invested in our goal.
It is also important to acknowledge that the strength of Anirida Europe not only resides in what we have accomplished in the last three years but goes back to all the work that were done by several national associations in the years before Aniridia Europe came into existence.

The achievements that we have accomplished in 2014 witnesses how far we have reached. The conference on Aniridia in Venice on September was on an outstanding high scientific and organisational level. This is the result of the tremendous efforts made by the organizing and the scientific committee. We are also very thankful to the collaborating organizations: Istituto Superiore di Sanità – Centro Nazionale Malattie Rare, The Stewart Testamentary Trust and AFI Aniridia Foundation International.

2015 will be a year with many interesting opportunities for us. In a very few month, Springer international is going to publish a book whose preliminary title is: Aniridia: Recent Developments in Scientific and Clinical Research.

But we do have some challenges ahead of us. We still have to work continuously to secure funding for our activities, empower national associations and create a sustainable platform for scientific conferences.

Our long-term goal lies firm for our course in 2015: to create a sustainable platform for cooperation and exchange of knowledge on Aniridia between doctors and scientists, the national associations as well as individuals that are related to Anirida. In short: to do our best in order to give people with Aniridia the best possible opportunities.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Asbjørn Akerlie
Aniridia Europe