The conference “Novelties in Ophthalmology 2018” was held in Riu Pravets, Bulgaria, on November 23-25th,2018.

The main focus of this scientific professional forum was on “Cataracts”.

The topic was addressed in an innovative light, in all its various aspects: diagnosis, treatment, complications, prophylaxis and rehabilitation.

Cataracts and glaucoma are common in most patients with aniridia, with specific features and characteristics in every individual.

The reports that specifically discussed aniridia were presented by Assoc. Prof. Anna Popova (“From the Symptoms of Aniridia to Gillespie’s Syndrome”), by Maya Atanasovska et al. (“Molecular Genetic Studies to Bulgarian Patients with Non-Syndromic Aniridia”) and by Maya Atanasovska, a genetic scientist, under the guide of Prof. Draga Toncheva, with a dissertation work on Aniridia.

The reports “Genomic Diagnosis of Hereditary Eye Diseases ….” and “Dysmorphic Syndromes in Ophthalmology”, were presented at the Children Ophthalmology session, the latter is available for free at:

Associate Prof. Anna Popova´s article “Glaucoma and WAGR Syndrome”, was published in the “Bulgarian Forum Glaucoma” magazine, No2, 2018.