Dear friends,

Are you planning to post Christmas cards to your friends and family?

We suggest you send e-cards instead and tackle aniridia too!

The cards even have lovely designs by children from around the world who have aniridia.

Christmas cards in emails send happy a seasonal greeting, plus you:
1. save time and effort by not buying, writing and posting paper cards
2. save trees and energy by not using paper for cards and envelopes.
3. improve treatments for aniridia by donating the money you would have spent, to make the European Aniridia Conference possible.

View and send our electronic Christmas cards

You choose the how much to donate. Please be generous, but all amounts make a difference.

The money will be used to host the world’s best eye doctors and scientists, plus patients and relatives, at a big conference. Together they will make vital progress on new treatments and share expertise to prevent sight loss caused by aniridia. 

The conference will be in London 14-16 August 2020. Everyone is welcome to come. It is being organised by Aniridia Network the United Kingdom non-profit association focused on aniridia (charity number 1176792). Register your interest, save the date in your calendar and look out for more details coming soon.

Everyone at Aniridia Europe wishes you a very Merry Christmas, spent in a way that you enjoy, time to recharge and a successful year to come.

With warm regards,

Rosa Sánches de Vega

President of Aniridia Europe