The Russian Aniridia Centre has developed and published the brochure Congenital aniridia and related syndromes. Treatment and prevention. It includes data from geneticists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, neuro-psychologists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, vaccine specialists, special needs therapists about this condition, as well as recommendations about the treatment and prevention of aniridia associated disorders.
This brochure is directed to those who want to know what congenital aniridia is, its genetic features, its syndromic manifestations. After the birth of a child with aniridia, parents are concerned with many issues: how the child sees, which organs and body systems are affected, which doctors need to be consulted and what examinations are to be carried out. The brochure provides medical and practical advice from various specialists. The publication is recommended for patients, parents, teachers and educators, as well as for general practitioners and all readers interested in congenital aniridia.
The brochure, in Russian language, can be downloaded here.