In 2021, GÊNIRIS finance two research projects on aniridia with pediatric glaucoma (Pr Brémond-Gignac at Necker Hospital in Paris) and on artificial limbal niche (Pr Borderie at CHNO des 15 20 in Paris). To continue to help the research development in 2022, GÊNIRIS has funded more than 30 000 euros in 2021.
GÊNIRIS is working too on WAGR guidelines and therapeutic education program for aniridic patient with Pr Brémond-Gignac. These are the first in France and Europe, Moreover, as a patient representative in ERN EYE (European Reference Network for Rare Eye Diseases), GÊNIRIS is working on the first European aniridia guidelines with Pr Brémond-Gignac as leader of this project.
For Aniridia Day 2021, GÊNIRIS has organized an international photo contest with topic “the weather is fine”. Three winners have received a photo of French ophthalmologist and photographer, Dr Damien Gatinel at Fondation A de Rotschild in Paris). See the 3 winning photos