We are happy to report the news we have received from the Asociación Española de Aniridia related to the period June-December 2021.

The “Mes a Mes” (month by month) programme. The Spanish Aniridia Association has broadcasted live online webinars on different topics related to aniridia every month over the year 2021. They have been recorded and posted on the association Youtube channel. Expert doctors and researchers in the field, as well as patients´ representatives made different presentations and had debates in Spanish. Many people from Spain and Latin America attended these successful webinars.
Some of them in the last semester of 2021 were:
– August 26th. Electronic optic aids for low vision in Aniridia by Ernesto Marco Carmena and Ernesto Marco Lage, optician-optometrists, specialised in low vision.
– September 30th. Inclusion at work and disability, by the GoodJob Foundation.
– October 28th. How can an association help you? A dialogue between Yolanda Asenjo y Rosa Sánchez de Vega, current and past presidents of the Spanish Aniridia Association.
– November 25th. Low vision and blindness. Tools for inclusion at school. By Sonia Rodríguez Polo, teacher at CRE-ONCE and mother of a young with aniridia
Please, see these ones and other videos here.

A monographic issue on Aniridia in “Archivos”, the scientific review of the Spanish Ophtalmology Society SEO, has been published in November 2021. It will be translated into English and will be presented at the next European Aniridia Conference on June 4-5th 2022 in Alicante, Spain.

On the 1st January 2022, the University Hospital in Valladolid has become a member of the ERN-EYE (European Reference Network for Rare Eye Diseases). The network continues to expand!