Aniridia Europe

July 13th, 2022
17.00 CEST


1. Opening of the meeting

The meeting was opened at 17.00 CEST and participants were invited to
introduce themselves to the Assembly. There were the following participants:

Katie AtkinsonUK
Irma ByleLithuania
Didier ColleBelgium
Galina GeningRussia
Tord HakonsenNorway
Gaelle JouanjanFrance
Ivana KildsgaardSweden
Sølvi ØrstenvikNorway
Ognian PetkovBulgaria
Marjorie PoeydomengeFrance
Barbara PoliItaly
Rosa Sánchez de VegaSpain
Oana SimereaRomania
Nikolay SnurnikovUkraine
Corrado TeofiliItaly
Denice ToewsGermany
Elena TsonevaBulgaria
Oscar WidegrenSweden

2. Approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved.

3. Election of the chairperson of the meeting

Ivana Kildsgaard was elected chairperson of the meeting.

4. Election of the secretary of the meeting

Ognian Petkov was elected secretary of the meeting.

5. Election of two persons to check the minutes and to serve as teller if

Katie Atkinson and Marjorie Poeydomenge were elected to check the minutes
and to serve as teller if needed.

6. Establishment of the electoral register

It was verified that twelve member national associations were present and
represented: Bulgaria was represented by Ognian Petkov, France by Marjorie
Poeydomenge, Germany by Denice Toews, Italy by Corrado Teofili, Norway
by Sølvi Ørstenvik, Russia by Galina Gening, Spain by Rosa Sánchez de
Vega, Sweden by Oscar Widegren, UK by Katie Atkinson, Lithuania by Irma
Byle, Romania by Oana Simerea and Ukraine by Nikolay Snurnikov. Finland
and Denmark’s representatives was absent.

7. Activity Report 2020-2022. For adoption

The Activity Report 2020-2022 was presented by Barbara Poli and adopted
by the General Assembly.

8. Financial Report 2020-2021. For adoption

Barbara Poli and Tord Hakonsen explained the Financial Report that had
been previously sent to all the members.
Didier Colle asked two questions that were answered by Barbara Poli and
Tord Hakonsen.
The Financial Report was adopted by the General Assembly.

9. Recommendations from the Auditor

Recommendations from the Auditor for 2021 and 2022 were received by the
General Assembly.

10. Decision about granted discharge for the outgoing Board of Directors

The outgoing Board of Directors was discharged.

11. Proposal from the Board of Directors: Revision of the Statutes.
Articles 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.6, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.7 and 6

All revisions of the Statutes were approved.

12. Activities and Budget for 2022-2024

The Board presented the Action Plan 2022-2024 with the strategic lines of
action as a road map for the next Board. Activities and Budget for 2022-2024
were approved.
There were suggestions from Oana Simerea that she will send to the new
Board of Directors.

13. Election of the President of the Federation

Corrado Teofili explained the process and the work of the Nominating
Barbara Poli was elected president of the Federation.

14. Election of the Vice-president of the Federation

Galina Gening was elected vice-president of the Federation with one vote
against from Geniris.

15. Election of the Treasurer of the Federation

Tord Häkonsen was elected treasurer of the Federation

16. Election of the Secretary of the Federation

Oana Simerea was proposed by the Nominating Committee and she
withdraw her nomination. Ognian Petkov proposed Elena Tsoneva and she
was elected secretary of the Federation.

17. Election of possible other members of the Board of Directors

Sølvi Ørstenvik proposed Rosa Sánchez de Vega to be a candidate to the
Board of Directors and she refused.
Irma Byle, Katie Atkinson, Marjorie Poeydomenge, Denice Toews and Ivana
Kildsgaard were elected members of the Board of Directors.

18. Election of the Nominating Committee

Corrado Teofili, Sølvi Ørstenvik, James Buller and Rosa Sánchez de Vega
were elected in the Nominating Committee. James Buller was proposed as
chairperson and because of his absence from the General Assembly this
decision was postponed.

19. Election of an Auditor

Arvid Meløy was elected.

20. Miscellaneous

No other issues.

21. Closing of the meeting

The meeting was closed at 19.00 CEST.

Ivana Kildsgaard
President of the meeting

Ognian Petkov
Secretary of the meeting