The Spanish Aniridia association is the first ever founded association for aniridia patients and their families, and now, after 26 years, it continues in providing support to its members and in promoting knowledge and research about aniridia, as it has done in organising the first International Aniridia Conference in Madrid in 2002, and then, 20 years later, the 6th European Aniridia Conference in Alicante, 3-5 June 2022. It is also among the founding members of Aniridia Europe and a reference organisation for Spanish-speaking people all over the world.

During the Aniridia Europe Community Meeting in Alicante, on the 3rd of June 2022, Rosa Sánchez de Vega summarized the numerous activities of the Spanish association in the four main areas of interest: Social Support & Care, Awareness & Communication, Innovation & Research, Fundraising.

You car read the full presentation here.