The Interregional Support center for patients with Aniridia “Iris” in the last half year has continued to support patients with aniridia providing them with free rehabilitation tools, glasses and sunglasses, as well as free examinations at the Center of Rare Eye Diseases in the evidence-based clinic DocDeti ( Moscow).
From January 1st until May 30th, 89 patients received free glasses and sunglasses, 154 patients were examined at the Rare Eye Center, 13 patients received an electronic video magnifier Connect 12, 6 patients received an Icare tonometer. All families that visited the Rare Eye Center received brochures about Aniridia.
On June 21st in Rare Eye Diseases center ( DocDeti clinic) we celebrated with families, doctors and charities Aniridia Day. We are very grateful to the charities “Kids vision” and “Creation” that help and support our patients.