The Annual Meeting

On 22 April, Spanish families and young people living with aniridia met recently for the 2023 annual meeting. The event provided a supportive platform for sharing experiences and fostering connections within the aniridia community. Attendees participated in workshops, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, covering topics such as research advancements and strategies for improving everyday life with aniridia. The event also included a dedicated space for families and young individuals, promoting support and camaraderie.
First of all, the attendees were able to learn more about pachymetry and have it performed in situ by Dr. Santiago López. They also received legal information to keep up to date with the latest developments in Spanish legislation on disability and dependency.
Finally, both adults and children attended a separate psychological support workshop on how to approach adolescents with low vision or blindness.
Simultaneously, the younger participants enjoyed age-appropriate activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding.

The Spanish Association of Aniridia at the Congress of the Spanish Society of Implanto-Refractive Ocular Surgery

The Spanish Aniridia Association made a notable presence at the 38th Congress of the Spanish Society of Implanto-Refractive Ocular Surgery (SECOIR) in Malaga in May.
This congress is the most important professional meeting in Spain on ocular microsurgery in general and refractive surgery of the eyeball in particular. The event provided a platform for the association to showcase their work in supporting individuals with aniridia.
Through an informative stand, they aimed to raise awareness about aniridia and promote understanding among healthcare professionals. The association’s participation in the congress demonstrated their commitment to improving the lives of those affected by aniridia through advocacy, education, and research.
Their presence served as a reminder of the importance of collaboration between medical experts and patient organisations in addressing rare diseases effectively.

The Spanish Aniridia Association signs a new collaboration with one of the largest ophthalmology clinic groups in Spain

The Spanish Aniridia Association and Oftalvist clinics have signed an agreement to provide exclusive discounts to individuals with aniridia. The collaboration aims to make specialised eye care more accessible and affordable for people with this rare genetic eye disorder.
This collaboration is particularly significant since Oftalvist is one of the largest chains of ophthalmology clinics in the country. Through this partnership, individuals with aniridia will receive reduced prices for consultations, treatments, and surgical procedures at Oftalvist clinics across Spain.
The agreement highlights the commitment of both organisations to improving the quality of life for those affected by aniridia by removing financial barriers to essential eye care services. It serves as a significant step towards ensuring that individuals with aniridia can access the specialised care they require.