A historic day for the Aniridia community in Sweden where about 50 persons from Sweden, Norway and Finland will gather in the Swedish capital to discuss matters of research within the field, developing the community work, strenghtening the Aniridia networks as well as holding the Annual General Assembly of the Swedish Aniridia Network. Never before have so many with relations to Aniridia gathered in Sweden and this conference is a very important step towards strengthening the situation for persons with Aniridia. A new and unique Handbook on Aniridia will also be presented by the Association of Aniridia in Norway. The conference will be held in Swedish.

For more information about the Nordic Conference on Aniridia in Stockholm, Sweden, 26-27 March, 2011, contact Mr Neven Milivojevic on neven@aniridi.se or check the web site www.aniridi.se (in Swedish).