ANIRIDIA EUROPE announces the European Conference on Aniridia, to be held in Oslo, Norway, on June 8-10th 2012.

The goal or the conference is to promote research on aniridia diagnosis and treatment.

The Norwegian Association of Aniridia – Aniridi Norge – is organising this European Conference on the rare disease, aniridia. The conference will take place in Oslo (Norway), on June 8-10th 2012.

European and American experts will meet in the capital of Norway,  to share the latest findings in aniridia diagnosis and treatment. Aniridia is a congenital rare disease, causing low vision and many associated eye conditions and sporadic disorders in other organs of the body.

Promotion of research on this pathology is one of the key goals of this conference, as well as increasing and exchanging scientific knowledge on Aniridia, fostering the development of patient registries, European guidelines of good practice   and  designation of expert hospital or clinic units for aniridia.

The first two days, June 8th and 9th are addressed to doctors and researchers. The third, June 10th, is addressed to patients and families. The program of June 10th  will consist of a summary of the preceding medical agenda, in addition to topics concerning how to live with Aniridia.  During the Conference  an Eye Clinic will be held where patients  can get a second opinion on their condition  from expert doctors.

In order to encourage the attendance of health professionals  Aniridia Norway, has raised enough funds to subsidize and facilitate the participation of health professionals, especially young doctors

To coincide with the Conference, the Europe Membership General Assembly  will take place on June the 7th, where many European Aniridia Associations and patients with families from different European countries will meet.

Parallel to the conference, there will be leisure and meeting activities for the international Aniridia community.

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Mr. Neven Milivojevic
Vice President Aniridia Europe.