Let me tell you that we now are able to give you more details about our next COMMUNITY MEETING, to be held on June 1-2nd 2013 in Homburg/Saarbrücken (Germany), a meeting for aniridia representatives and contact people in the different European countries.

Join us at our major event this year,  it will make a difference.

The more aniridia associations in Europe are, the stronger they are, the stronger our Federation ANIRIDIA EUROPE will be.

Objectives of the meeting

The main goals of this meeting are: To strengthen and expand our network by supporting the development of new aniridia associations and well as finding ways to grow, to be sustainable and to involve more people in our activities.


The topics are those in the program (attached) but we are open to address any other of common interest. We will send you the final program, with responsibles for each topic and the concrete issues addressed and speakers at the Symposium as soon as we can.


The meeting will be in English, except the conference or “scientic symposium”, where some German doctors with expertise on aniridia will speak on aniridia and associated conditions. The Symposium will be in German, but either translation or slides in English will be available.

Call for grants

Aniridia Europe board is very interested to meet the representatives of as many European countries as possible and does its best to prevent the financial issue from being a barrier to attend the meeting. We have some grants to help you with the travel and stay, a seed money up to 300 € per country. In case there are more than one person applying for the grant from the same country or association, they have to agree or divide this amount of money. Please, feel free to apply for this grant if you cannot afford these expenses. Applicants will be granted according to each case by the board and in order of reception. Do it as soon as possible. The money will be reimbursed when we get your receipts and invoices, this means that you have to pay for your own expenses and then, after the meeting when we have collected all necessary receipts we can send you a bank transfer to your bank account..

We hope you can join us, we will be pleased to welcome all of you there. It will be great to have such a big family with us, then, to have the chance to talk about our concerns and challenges in our daily life. No-one else can understand you better than we do.


The German aniridia association is kindly organising this this event.

Should you have any more questions, please, contact me or/and Denice Toews-Hennig at:  denice@aniridieforum.de


With my warmest regards and looking forward to seeing you in Homburg.

Rosa Sánchez de Vega