After last year’s great success, the International Aniridia Day Committee is organizing more activities in 2018. You are invited, for example, to propose and participate in webinars on June 21 with the objective to promote a better understanding of aniridia, to exchange experiences and build new knowledge on various topics.

To celebrate the day, you are also encouraged to organise different activities and events in your country or in your social groups, like:

  • a sport competition,
  • dissemination of information,
  • a conference in a hospital/eye clinic,
  • a theatre play,
  • participation in media (radio or TV),
  • a press release,
  • a fashion show,
  • a charity sale, etc.

All ideas/actions are welcome as long as they show a realistic but positive picture of the aniridia community.

Everyone can contribute, and your success will be a whole aniridia community´s success!

For ideas, comments, suggestions or simply to share your experience please contact the International Aniridia Day Committee at: