Aniridia Europe and the Spanish Aniridia Association participated at  the World Ophthlamology Congress WOC in Barcelona, June16-19th 2018.

Both organisations shared a booth, at the exhibition room, and had the possibility to talk and to provide information about Aniridia and both organisations to ophthalmolgists  coming from all parts of the world.

This congress brought together more than10.000 specialists from  140 countries, who presented the last advances for eye disorders  diganostic and treatment.  Specific programs for different specialities were presented, such as for glaucoma, cataratas, cornea, refractive surgery, macular degeneration,  paediatric ophthalmology, strabismus, kerat

oconus,  retina and uveítis. Some presentations focused on therapies for dry eye, different surgical procedures on the ocular surface and postsurgical problems of cataracts surgery. A 3D live surgery by Barraquer Centre specialists has to be remarked.

A lot of big eye pharmaceutical companies also provided training sessions about their products..

This congress was very successful and all participants were invited  to attend the next WOC 2020 in South Africa