The project is focused on early educational inclusion for visually impaired children. It involves 6 partners from 3 different European countries: RedTree, a Spanish organisation that has a long experience in working with associations of people with visual impairment, Alba, the Spanish association for albinism, Aniridia Europe, Aniridi Norge, Aniridia Italiana and SmallCodes, an Italian company specialized in developing digital environments.

In this second transnational meeting, the participants of the partner entities met to show and evaluate the progress made in the project up to the moment, based on the exchange of good experiences and knowledge about educational adaptations.

The participating organizations introduced and discussed the different activities and tasks each of them had carried out so far, especially focusing on the results expected in the project. Special emphasis was placed on the development and coordination of the two intellectual outputs:

  • the virtual training course for teachers and early educational centres aimed at the inclusion of visually impaired children in their classrooms;
  • the educational game ICT tool for the inclusion of visually impaired children at school.
    The project’s schedule was also revised, establishing dates and places for the next meetings, and the activities still to be carried out.

Lastly, an intermediate evaluation of the project and the meeting was carried out on-site, which highlighted the strengthening of the intersectorial network and the project’s objective.

The project will last until August 2020. Information at: