Today is our day, a day to raise awareness on our rare disorder. We have to raise our voices to go out of the darkness, to draw attention to the doctors and the policy makers.

Aniridia Europe celebrates this day supporting aniridia research. This is why three aniridia research projects have been awarded with the 1st Aniridia Europe Research Award 2020, funded by PTC International and Aniridia Europe, upon recommendations of the Jury (members of AE Scientific Committee).
– Dr. Mor Dickman, Maastricht, A retrospective register study of keratoplasty outcomes in aniridia from across Europe
– Dr Alejandra Daruich, Paris, A questionnaire about the ocular surface in aniridia in European countries
– Dr. Tatyana Vasilyeva, Moscow, A cross-border study on the functional consequences of PAX6 missense mutation. A collaborative study between Russia and Italy
We have developed a poster, that you can disseminate widely.

Have a nice and active Aniridia Day!