Since Covid-19 spread out at global level, governments and institutions have set social distancing measures in order to contain the sanitary emergency. Starting from that moment a lot of patients around the world have lost the opportunity to meet face-to-face and to be closer to other people who lived their same condition. Luckily there were digital technologies that have allowed people to keep in touch even if the situation didn’t permit it as before.

In that context, in Italy, a group of young adults with aniridia decided to do something more for their friends: in June 2020 they built a team composed by 4 young ladies and 2 young men who began to publish posts on social networks, creating funny digital events, promoting and supporting institutional initiatives realized by Aniridia Italy association. This group has become the Official Youth Group of Aniridia Italy and today it has skills and passion to engage, involve, interest, and help a lot of Italian patients who, during this year of pandemic, haven’t felt alone.

Thanks to their hard work today Aniridia Italy has 4 active and structured social channels populated by content organized through a weekly editorial plan.

Thanks to the communication strategy they have built during the last months, Aniridia Italy is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Moreover, today the association has the ability to hold webinars, short and long digital scientific and general events, digital charity initiatives and more.

Using the opportunity offered by digitization, Thomas, Marta, Edoardo, Alessandra, Viviana and Cecilia helped new families to reach the association in an easier way in order to get information about aniridia and its treatments, the best specialists and hospitals where to find quality care for their needs. And, maybe, this is the most important result they wanted to achieve with this project.

Next Saturday, April 24th 2021 at 11:00 AM CET during the Aniridia Europe webinar Digital rebels against distance they will tell their stories, answer questions from their peers in other countries and make also one big request… discover together the entire story to learn how it is possible to bring the best contribute possible for our future. Because, if you want to change things, you need to be the change!


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