Hosted by Daniel Aberdam (Head of Research in INSERM – Paris), on Wednesday, May 26th 2021 Aniridia Europe in association with Aniridia-NET held the webinar “Eyes open on stem cells: dynamics, signatures and niche”. The special guest of this digital event was Ruby Shalom Feuerstein (Professor in Technion – Israel Institute of Technology) who explained the characteristics of limbal stem cells those are a type of stem cells located in a protected area or “niche” of the border between the cornea and the sclera (the white of the eye).

These cells have special characteristics that make them essential for the maintenance of the corneal transparency and therefore for optimal vision. Limbal stem cells (often abbreviated as LSCs) have high proliferative potential as well as the ability to regenerate the corneal epithelium following any damage caused by eyelids, tears or trauma. Also, these cells prevent the white tissue from migrating on to the surface of the cornea.

In this webinar, we learned a little more about the characteristics, behavior, and specific needs of limbal stem cells, as well as of the importance of these cells in the maintenance of the eye tissues and ultimately in vision.

Find out together the best moments of the webinar watching the recording below and learning more about new research discoveries in the path for treating blindness.