The newly formed Aniridia North America (ANA) announces its first event to strengthen and expand research focused on aniridia and related problems. The 2021 Aniridia North America Symposium: PAX6, Aniridia, and Beyond will bring together top researchers from North America and around the world. The list of speakers includes distinguished aniridia experts from Europe, and among them Pr. Dominique Brémond-Gignac (Université Paris V Descartes, Hôpital Universitaire Necker) and Pr. Neil Lagali (Linköping University), respectively chair and member of Aniridia Europe’s Scientific Committee.

This meeting, like its predecessor, the 2019 John F. Anderson Symposium: PAX6 and Beyond, will provide a forum for the scientific community to present current aniridia research findings and facilitate collaboration on future studies. Sessions will focus on aniridia-related issues including glaucoma, corneal health, and genetics.
“By bringing experts from a variety of perspectives in the fields of eye formation, health and disease, we can glean ways to enrich our own findings and those of others,” said Robert Grainger, PhD, ANA Chairperson, Meetings Committee. “This meeting will provide a unique opportunity for the scientific community to brainstorm and more quickly develop solutions for problems related to aniridia.”

The leaders of patient advocacy organizations will attend the meeting to represent the needs of people with aniridia. After the meeting, these leaders will share patient-friendly summaries of meeting presentations.
This meeting was made possible by generous funding and support from the University of Virginia, Vision for Tomorrow, the University of Georgia, and the International WAGR Syndrome Association.
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