The EU-EYE (European Alliance for Vision Research and Ophthalmology) has established an organ composed by patient representatives, provisionally called CLEO: Council of Lived Experience in Ophthalmology.
The main goals of this Alliance are:
– to gather ophthalmologists and researchers from different subspecialties and different European countries, to work together in coordination in order to apply for European calls, as well as to inspire the next generations of ophthalmologists
– to build a respected forum which brings medicine, science, education and advocacy together
– to develop multicentre international clinical trial studies following the Good Clinical Practice regulations.
The European Alliance for Vision Research and Ophthalmology (EU EYE) is a non-profit pan European group formed in 2015.
Some of its partners are: Aniridia-Net, EVER, EURETINa, ESCRS, European Eye Bank Association, EVICR-Net, EASD, Glaucoma Society, European Society of Cornea and Ocular Surface Specialists.
The patients or associations at CLEO should represent various eye diseases around Europe. They would collaborate with researchers in providing patient perspective and also in supporting the work of the European Medicines Agency and other authorities when a patient perspective is needed.