On April 26th 2022, at 18.00 CEST, Aniridia Europe will present a live webinar hosted by Galina Gening with the presence of Kasperi Kankare to talk about the the measurement of intraocular pressure in patients with congenital aniridia at home.

A few years ago, a Finnish company called iCare Finland Oy, released the iCare One tonometer, which allowed to measure intraocular pressure at home for patients of any age, even newborn babies. Later, several models of this tonometer were released, even the name changed in ICare one became ICare Home, but the essence of this device remains the same.

So, in this webinar we will try to understand how to use the iCare HOME2 tonometer at home, what are the advantages of such a measurement and the features of working with it.

This is also an opportunity to discover a world that will change our perception of care in the next future, the world of the digital therapeutics. More and more diseases will greatly benefit from the possibility to perform regular checks at home, in accordance with the practitioners. This is going to ease the work of doctors and to improve the quality of care in ways that we are only beginning to discover.

This is why we want to remember you that the purpose of this webinar is informative. Every patient and caregiver must evaluate with his/her own doctor if the use of such a device is appropriate and suitable in his/her specific case, then please refer to your ophthalmologist for any decision about it.