In 2023 again, as every year on June 21st, the international aniridia community will celebrate the Aniridia Day during the summer solstice.

It will be an opportunity to meet, to share experiences, to have fun together, to reflect on what we have achieved so far and what we can do to keep on improving knowledge of aniridia, promoting research and building a better quality of life for people who share this condition.

In the evening of Tuesday 21st June we will broadcast some videos on our channels:

An international greeting, with people connected from all over the world: Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa. The greetings are in as many languages as we could: English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Malayalam.

The Aniridia-Net Journey, an interview to Prof. Neil Lagali (Linköping University, Sweden) and Dr. Stefano Ferrari (Veneto Eye Bank Foundation, Italy), about the COST Action Aniridia-Net, a networking project aimed at improving aniridia clinical management and promoting innovative research and development of new alternatives for its diagnosis and treatment. The final meeting of the project will be held in Venice (Italy) on 29th-30th June 2023, and it is a good time to report on its outcomes.

You can watch the video here.

Other events and calls to action are being organized by the national associations in different countries in their national languages. Don’t forget to check their websites and the social networks’ pages.

We invites you to actively participate and promote participation to these celebrations, to strengthen our community, to raise awareness on aniridia and to advocate for a better care and quality of life for all of us.