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In this section, we offer the member associations to publish news, invitations and reports from their country.

Tijdstip: 24 februari 2018 van 9.30 u tot 13.20 u Locatie:  UZ Gent – bibliotheek Jules François – dienst oogziekten – UZ Gent Voor een routebeschrijving naar het UZ Gent: Programma: 9h30 – 9h40: Introductie (Aniridie België) [10 min] 9h40 – 10h40 : Prof. Dr. Leroy (UZ Gent Diensthoofd Oogheelkunde – oftalmogenetica) Genetische achtergrond/schetsing Aniridie +

9th National Meeting of the Italian Aniridia Association Pisa (Italy), 26th-28th of May 2017 After the meeting in Milan in 2016, where we listened to many persons and understood their different needs, Aniridia Italiana has decided to organise a meeting for adolescents and young adults to deepen our knowledge about senses, personal autonomy and independent